Your own home based business with a low start up cost. 

COVID resilient business 
According to official government data supplied by the ONS, during 2020/21, the property industry was detailed as one of two most COVID-resiliant industries. 
You can set this Property Inspection / Inventory business up super-fast 
We’ve designed the online course so that you can set it up and be ready to start in just 30 days. 
The cost of set up is low (we’ll show you how to set it up for under £500, plus your course investment cost). You don’t have to invest thousands in a franchise with ongoing franchise costs which will eat away at your profits. Working full-time in this business, you could easily earn between £40 - £50K a year. You’ll need to have a smart mobile phone with internet access, a laptop, printer, small workspace, and means of transport. We’ll let you know what other equipment you’ll need on the course. 
You don’t need to be qualified to run your own Property Inspection / Inventory Clerk Business.  
Our clients are all clever, smart, capable professionals, and come from a variety of careers including hospitality, customer services, the armed forces, cabin crew, teaching profession, accounting, property management, etc. We’ll provide you with all the online inventory training you need to get started and run your own business. 
Age is no barrier.  
If you’re aged over 50 and worrying that your age is stopping you from getting work, then worry no more, you’ll be employing yourself! Letting agents want reliable, dependable people, producing accurate property inventory reports for them, age is no barrier. 
Flexible working hours.  
Looking to start your own business but with part-time hours? If you need a business which will fit around younger family members or perhaps you’re caring for elderly relatives? Then this niche business can work around your existing commitments. 
You can work from anywhere
You don’t need to pay for an expensive office, most of your time will be spent in residential properties. All types of rental properties require inspections and inventories, from apartments, student accommodation, semi-detached or large luxury spacious houses with swimming pools. 
Fed up with your current job, stressed out at work, looking for a change of career without spending year’s retraining? 
you’ll be your own boss, there’ll be nobody watching over your shoulder or telling you what to do. You’ll make all the decisions. 
This business provides a steady recurring revenue  
once you are up and running with 4 or 5 letting agency clients. 
There are opportunities to scale up your business.  
Once you’re established, you can look at taking on staff to assist with growing your business and perhaps expand to other areas, such as offering property photography and floor plans. 
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